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I hated it so much it made me want to punch something.
...quality edgelord cringe.

nicnaccreative responds:

.. I think that was a complement.. so thank you? Lol

The HORROR! Slowly became one of them...

i've never even heard of ANY of you. I've never even seen ANY of your work. I don't follow ANY of your friends or their friends. So why the hell is this collab in my feed along with the artists I actually follow?
Is there a way to prevent this from happening ever again? it's annoying. it's the third time this year something like this happened. it's like my user setting don't even matter anymore. Forced advertising?

I rate No Star, not because it's bad. but because I have absolutely no interest in watching any video of any sort. I didn't watch it, I can't rate it so I leave it blank. I'm not gonna vote with the real rating system for that same reason.

Yeah I only came to get that out of my system. unless you're the mastermind behind the force-feed thing.... But I doubt it.

StaticSkull responds:

That's not what a review is for
Speak to @liljim or @tomfulp ^^;

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I got 1:02 on second run. first was 3:27.
See if you can make a full game with this concept. "I Wanna be the Ant" or something?

Where's my pack of gummy bear?!

HershallCook responds:

Minus one star for not getting a real pack of gummy bears. Understandable. I can live with that.

nevermind. 5th time this year. why do your submission keep appearing on my feed.

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Your music and her voice go so well together. It gives me the shivers.
Beautiful piece.
Might just be me/my headphones, but her voice seems low compared to the music. Can still hear her, just a minor issue that most probably comes from my side.

Did you compose the music yourself? Where did you take inspiration?

the first few second made me think of Rozen Maiden. if it wasnt for the percussion, I could mistake this for Rozen Maiden OST.
Speaking of percussion, maybe it's just me or my sound setting, but they're too big for the tune and I can't enjoy the rest of it.
= (

You've progressed quite far since the last time. You seem to really enjoy voice acting.

Keep up the good work!

N0sSyndrome responds:

You show up every year, don't you? x)
Well, thank you, I do enjoy what I do :D

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Kanan is one thing, but an actual child by RL standards AND anime standards don't quite sit well with me. I'm not usually bothered by loli, I find them super cute and all... Isn't Saikawa actually six years old?
Anyway. i'll just be on my way I guess.

pretty sure her name is Caulifla (for Cauliflower, all saiyan have a pun name with veggies... and Bulma's family is named after undergarments. Love this serie)

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