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The Adventures of EdgeLord66 | Overwatch The Adventures of EdgeLord66 | Overwatch

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I hated it so much it made me want to punch something.
...quality edgelord cringe.

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nicnaccreative responds:

.. I think that was a complement.. so thank you? Lol

TD-The Punishment TD-The Punishment

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The HORROR! Slowly became one of them...

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Halloween Collab 2016 Halloween Collab 2016

Rated 0 / 5 stars

i've never even heard of ANY of you. I've never even seen ANY of your work. I don't follow ANY of your friends or their friends. So why the hell is this collab in my feed along with the artists I actually follow?
Is there a way to prevent this from happening ever again? it's annoying. it's the third time this year something like this happened. it's like my user setting don't even matter anymore. Forced advertising?

I rate No Star, not because it's bad. but because I have absolutely no interest in watching any video of any sort. I didn't watch it, I can't rate it so I leave it blank. I'm not gonna vote with the real rating system for that same reason.

Yeah I only came to get that out of my system. unless you're the mastermind behind the force-feed thing.... But I doubt it.

StaticSkull responds:

That's not what a review is for
Speak to @liljim or @tomfulp ^^;

That Ain't Me That Ain't Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is a rant from someone who doesn't understand what you are trying to convey with this music video. The actual submission is well worth 5 stars, technically, this is amazing. I loved it. But do I understand it?
Truly, I don't. Maybe it's because i'm thinking too much, maybe it's because I've never felt the way you do. Maybe I lack the experience or something else. I don't know.

But to me, little stranger without any knowledge of your life that I am, this is confusing.
From whose point of view am I supposed to look from? How am I supposed to intepret this?
If I take it from the guy's side, this look like any random couple's issues with trust and cheating. But then it looks as if he realize the error of his way and try to chase after the girl. then they... split up? like another guy and another girl with the same problem appear and it turn into a space-chase. (That's where I get lost, actually. especially when two guy, that were probably the same perso, bump into each other, but the girl is only one since space girl changes into the normal girl.) And then I wonder... Is she leaving him because he cheated more than once, or because both her lover met each other the very moment she blamed the first for cheating on her?

Then I tried to see this from the girl's point of view. and it's even more messed up for me.
First, she's leaving him. that's the very first scene. Then we discover it might be because he is too 'volatile'... he cheats on her, yeah. With mermaids, sirens(harpy). Like I said, up to that part I can clearly see the message, the metaphor and all. It is quite clear.
Then we change scene. she become self-sufficient, she ascend beyond her need of a manipulative man. That's great. Really it is. She's becoming strong, she can fly to a whole new world (or universe, if you will). She looks really sad doing so, however. But the guy still chases her, and her only. to outer space and beyond. she literaly becomes a God and he still chases her in a miserable space rocket. How am I supposed to STAY on the girl's side when seeing that? He then proceed to RUN IN SPACE. W all know how futile this is, and i'm pretty sure the guy knows as well. Yet, he still does it. he tries.
But then I remember. Hey, it's not the same guy as before. And to prove it, here he is bumping into the first guy like the first time I watched this video. And she disappear into the horizon because... she drowned? Well she clearly sank to the bottom of the sea with the ship she decided to be back on while the two guys just look at each other blankly and then to the horizon, imagining the girl being all innocent. Wait, I was supposed to be on the girl's side this time.

I seriously don't understand what you were trying to say with this video. I feel like the scenes are all in the wrong order or something. Maybe i'm just stupid or insensitive. I don't know. and not knowing why is irritating... infuriating. I know this is silly.

Why is there 2 guy and only 1 girl? Why does she get to change and both guy end up alone when they appeared to try to change or actively chased after the girl.

Or maybe I am right. the girl is a lying bitch and killed herself because one of the guy looked at other girls. She probably said : let's go our separate way for a while. and then teased some random guy(the astronaut) while on her self-proclaimed path to goodness. and then, when both guys met, she drowned herself in a metaphorical ship that she, herself, sank to the bottom of the sea.

The first guy agreed to her 'separate ways' thing and then she got jealous, which is why she teased the second guy.
The second guy was truly attracted to the girl and wanted to go beyond simple friendship. and then learned she was in a relationship with the first guy.
They both calmly tried to talk it over but the girl didn't listen and when they didnt know what else to do, and since they didnt seem to want to fight over the girl, she died.
it's not a look of innocence she had, but naivety and idiocy.

Yeah... I'd rather go with my first theory where everything is wrong and make no sense... I don't really like the idea of a girl playing stupid and then killing herself because two guy didnt play by her rules.

Unless... you could shed some light on my confusion? I mean, theories are fine and all but if you know the actual message here, please tell me. I'm starting to get really frustrated for no logical reason here.

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Martian by Mistake (Opening) HQ Martian by Mistake (Opening) HQ

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

this is a real thing? What the hell has television become? So, you remade the animation part and used the original opening song? Did I get this right?

Pok├ęShots: The Mosquito Pok├ęShots: The Mosquito

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it was fine, then got really loud all of a sudden, then stuff happened that doesn't make much sense in either reality or pokemon world, and then it got really quiet almost as suddenly as before. and then some short high pitched screech happened for half a second, completely destroying my ears. I barely ever touch my sounds setting but you made a miracle happen : i turned it down from 3% to 0%. i'm pretty sure the neighboor across the street are also heavily bleeding from the ears right now. you silenced the whole forest behind my house for a whole minute and that never happened before. it's full of bird and insect and shit like that, and they never stop making 'nature sound'
And then some Zika message that everybody completely forgot about until now (same as Ebola and that one flu virus from before).
this felt like I was watching a really bad infomercial from a fantasy dictatorship about a thing they want the people to do and put a bullshit reason on it. except it's Zika parody pokemon.

Animation was great, design was better than average, sounds were atrocious and harmful and too much of them. Dude, usually at 3% i can barely hear pewdiepie scream his life on youtube, you managed to multiply your sound to a point you literaly bothered my neighboor accross the street (bleeding bit was an exageration, but they really heard it) and you scared approximately a whole mile squared of forest to the point they shut up for about a minute. you forced me to turn down my volume. I haven't touched that shit in YEARS. it was all dusty and stuck under a pile of boxes i use as cat bait so he doesnt walk over my keyboard. YOU REMINDED ME I HAD A SOUND CONTROL BUTTON FOR MY SOUND SYSTEM! but you made me panic, so i completely forgot about the mute button i have on my keyboard. yeah that happened.
Seriously, what the fuck? how do people not die from watching this?
This is actually more of a threat to everybody's life than the Zika and Ebola bullshit.

the watching part was cool. my ears still hurt, but the rest was really cool. (above average anyway. which is pretty darn decent here on newgrounds)

NCH responds:

sound wasn't in my field, strelok was the one who handled the sound mainly, I just did the animation mainly, so I kinda am not in the position to address the unforunate moment you had with sound.

unfortunately strelok dosent have a newgrounds acct here, but the least I can do is redirect him to your critic I guess.

my apologies again.

Volkor X - This Means War ACT I (Official Video) Volkor X - This Means War ACT I (Official Video)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was pretty goddamn badass.
I especially loved seeing Vegeta, the power ranger costumes and the time machine. I want more!

Motion Portrait: Orient Motion Portrait: Orient

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that's hella cool.

Minecraft - Building a House Minecraft - Building a House

Rated 2 / 5 stars

first thing first... Yes Minecraft is allowed. there is even a whole section entirely made of minecraft animations. Yes, and a lot of jokes, bad puns, weird builds, troll recipe etc. So no worries.

On to the review!
I'll be frank with you, This feels the same way as the house... unfinished. Unpolished, missing core part.
Graphic and animation wise, this is fine. It's clear to see you lied about when exactly you started learning animation.
'How to make a story' would be a great book for you. Doesn't matter where or how you acquire it, its content will do wonder with your work. Too much is left unanswered, there's nothing to talk about, there's nothing happening, there's no joke, no pun, no punchline... If you were trying for humour, i'm sorry to say you have failed. If you were trying for emotional, you also failed... If you were trying to be relatable, you, unfortunately, failed. Where is the message? What is the goal? Who even are you? Why minecraft? Do you love it? Is this your experience?
And oh god it's slow like my grandma's driving. It goes nowhere at the speed of a snail.
Music choice is.... uninspired. I've seen worse. And at least, you put sound and music in. That's great!

If you look at it stricly for the animation, this is fine. Good, even. There's nothing wrong.
If you look at it as someone looking for entertainement of any kind, this is bad. real bad. Unless you actually like watching nothing happen for no reason.

Here's another analogy... this is a painting. it looks good, but it doesnt do much other than that.
it's a beautiful girl without a brain and a heart.
it's life without life.

Work on you script. with a story of any kind, even if its just a one-liner or a joke about something stupid like a creeper exploding for no reason, it would be a bilion time better. Think about what you want to achieve with your animation. If you are only into it because you like to animate, perdiod, then try to hook up with someone who has a better idea of a story or a sense of humor. Many animator do this, you know. it's not uncommon. Most people have one talent, one passion and can't afford to deal with anything else so they ask others to fill in where they can't.

In case you don't know, 0 and 1 star rating will eventually bring down your submission. But even though this is lacking, it's not bad. all you need to a total rating of 1,5 and higher in order to keep afloat. But even if your submission ends up in the gutter, don't give up. (actuals number differ a bit but you get the idea)

CreeperBoy007 responds:

Thank you very much for all this feedback! I actually didn't expect anyone to write so much on something like this. I really appreciate it! :D
The only thing I don't really understand is what do you exactly mean by - You lied about when exactly you started learning animation.
I don't wanna advertise or anything, But my youtube channel is "Creeperboy Animations" (You can find it by going on my main channel and then from my Featured channels to my Animation channel),
and that is where I post all my animations. My first animation was posted on 17th August, which, I wouldn't really recommend watching since it's very horrible. xD
But again, thank you for all this feedback!

Katawa Shoujo - Concord (8bit) Katawa Shoujo - Concord (8bit)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

visual novel are not the same as dating sims.
in dating sims, you find a random girl and proceed to gift her until she gives up and get naked. then you repeat the process over and over and over....
Visual novel are.... Novels with a lot of pictures! yeah, remember those brick you had to read for school and stuff? pretty much the same, but with pictures!
Though it would be more fair to say this instead : Visual novel lets you choose a route based on your 'in-game' choices. a video-game comic where you are the hero. literaly. the girl you end up with (or without) is largely based on what you say or do at critical points.

E.g. acting half-assedly about everything in this game will throw you in a weird scene with the guy next door. you'll end up on the roof with him during the festival and quite literally fall to your death. so it's not even the character's heart you'll worry about, it's his ability to survive a 3-story fall. which is to say, he has none.
E.g. choosing to protect a certain girl, you'll end up as 'friends' with her. it's a unique ending to this character. I had to go back quite a long way to realize what my mistake was.


So yeah. this game broke my heart and actually made me feel a lot. it's the only visual novel that managed to do this for me.

You 8bit version sounds more like a 16bit. it's quite accurate and I like it.